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David Mallett

FRESH eau de concombre

Product code: DM-fresh - eau de concombre

or all types of hair and suitable for sensitive skin types, this product delivers antioxidant properties, and revitalises tired hair. FRESH is a pure moisturising miracle - it feels like a crisp spring morning in a bottle!

The main active ingredient in FRESH Eau de Concombre is organic cucumber, the most perfect hydrating and soothing regimen for your hair and your healthy complexion. The saying 'cool as a cucumber' is spot-on: it is made of 96 percent water and simply screams 'hydration'. Cucumber is a mild astringent and contains a lot of water; the peel itself contains silica, which firms up the skin and forms a protective matrix in hair to keep its moisture. Even people with the most sensitive skin types can use cucumber to their advantage.

The unique formula of our FRESH Eau de Concombre also contains hyaluronic acid that refreshes the complexion and delivers instant moisture to face and hair. Hyaluronic acid is a powerful water-holding molecule in our skin cells, making it an excellent moisturiser. Regarding hair, hyaluronic acid helps to improve thickness and gives hair a smoother look and feel, which can support easier combing and less hair breakage.

Finally, the bio-technologically obtained anionic high-molecular-weight polysaccharide protects hair by creating a protective matrix. This antioxidant-rich component helps to restore the pH balance and protects against environmental aggressors, atmospheric pollution (carbon particles, fine particles, and poisonous heavy metals), UV rays and exposure to domestic chemicals.

FRESH Eau de Concombre is made with 97% ingredients of natural origin. 


How to use

Wstrząsnąć spray przed użyciem, aby aktywować składniki. Zamknąć oczy. Spryskać bezpośrednio twarz i włosy Eau de Concombre FRESH. Produkt zapewni błyskawiczne nawilżenie i przywróci energię. Idealny sposób na odświeżenie się rano lub w czasie podróży – produkt można stosować w razie zapotrzebowania w ciągu dnia. W razie kontaktu z oczami płukać dokładnie wodą. Nie stosować u dzieci do 3 roku życia.
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