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advanced renewal moisturizer 50 ml

Product code: MG73

Most technologically advanced daily moisturizer for everyone to address the appearance of lines without leaving any residue. Light yet hydrating, this formula is powered by meadowfoam seed oil to lock in hydration and linseed extract (rich in omega-3 fatty acids) to trap water molecules, leaving skin bouncier. Further enriched by a moisture complex of sugar molecules, barley and sodium hyaluronate, this moisturizer softens the appearance of lines, while antioxidant-rich apple stem cell provides protection against environmental aggressors, making it the perfect urban shield. Natural fragrance and color.


    • meadowfoam seed oil antioxidant-rich fatty acid locks in moisture.
    • linseed extract rich in omega-3 fatty acids traps water molecules to leave skin bouncier.
    • moisture complex of sugar molecules, barley and sodium hyaluronate plumps, smooths and softens the appearance of fine lines.
    • antioxidant-rich apple stem cell moisturizes and protects.

How to use

Pobrać porcję kremu wielkości monety i nanieść na oczyszczoną, osuszoną skórę.
Price PLN360.00