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grow strong conditioner 300 ml

Product code: MAU030

Following on from the exceptional success of our scalp and hair treatment oil comes the complete 3-step rescue range. Harnessing the remarkable plant power of India's most nutrient dense botanicals, our Ayurvedic strengthening shampoo has been expertly formulated in England to bring lack-lustre hair back to its former glory.

This intensely creamy, vitamin rich formula of amla, ashwaghanda, bhrami, turmeric, shikaki, & argan enriched with restorative holy basil, cardamom, patchouli and vetiver combine to leave brittle hair beautifully repaired, hydrated and silky soft.

How to use

For best results, use the complete rescue remedy kit. Begin by applying our treatment oil, followed by our shampoo and then massage our conditioner onto clean, damp hair. Leave the conditioner into for a few minutes and wash as normal. Tip: If you are used to chemical shampoos, it may take a few washes before you truly notice the full benefits of Grow Strong, as the build of previous stubborn product residue that has coated the hair begins to cleanse away. Also, ideally do follow with Grow Strong conditioner for truly health hair.
Price PLN199.00