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David Mallett

maska no.3 - La Couleur 180ml

Product code: DM27

With MASK No. 3 LA COULEUR, David Mallett has developed a dedicated hair product for colour-treated hair. It is an ideal solution to prolong hair colour and prevent fading, as it nourishes hair at a deep molecular level and seals the hair cuticles to restore the pH balance of hair.

Hair cuticles are hard, downward-pointing scales that form the outer layer of hair strands. Chemicals in hair dye, hot water, excess moisture, pollution and harsh weather conditions are some of the things why hair becomes unbalanced, contributing to rougher cuticles.

Vinegar is one way to balance the pH of hair. Raspberry vinegar in our formula acts efficiently to balance the pH-levels of hair by sealing the cuticles, to resist colour fading.

Made with 90% ingredients from natural origin.


Price PLN235.00