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nighty night bath essence 10 ml

Product code: ERB15

A gentle and enchanting synergy of Chamomile, Lavender & other essential oils say good night to the day with harmony & serenity. The perfect end to a long day. With Erbaviva's organic bath essences you can experience the delights and healthful benefits of Aromatherapy in a relaxing bath. Your skin deserves gentle attention. It's where your body first meets the environment. Take care of your skin and it will reward you every day. Erbaviva combines essential oil synergies with certified organic sesame, a skin soothing oil which leaves you feeling clean and soft. Essential oils can be antibacterial, immune enhancing, and mood changing. These essences revive, balance and soothe you with their gentle blends. Put 10 drops into a full bath and enjoy. For maximum benefit add the bath essence to the tub after it is filled, since the more volatile essential oil molecules can disperse quickly. For children & pregnant women put 5 drops into the bath. Step into the arms of Erbaviva, we will nurture you.


Organic Sesame oil blended with organic and wild crafted essential oils.

Price PLN89.00

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