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cocobello EDP 100 ml

Product code: HEEL15

Coccobello is truly intriguing and not your typical beach scent. It is at once creamy and green, sweet and fresh, classic and cutting edge. Think glamorous high-fashion resort wear spread in Vogue mixed with the lush and colorful tropical paintings of Henri Rousseau. We know - it's that good. 

Coccobello begins slightly green with wafts of palm leaves, cedar, and watery coconut. While it remains a nice scent on paper, Coccobello absolutely comes to life on skin and works some kind of magic that we're still trying to figure out. The benzoin, vanilla, and gardenia start a party that might end up with someone getting bitten, and something like mango butter makes an unexpected cameo. The scent projects into a gorgeous, creamy, and slightly fruity veil of scent that lifts you away onto the perfect tropical beach vignette: the breeze whispering through the palm trees, a cold drink in your hand, salt water dripping onto your towel, and nearby gardenias blooming with abandon. This may be the best vacation you've ever taken.


Palm Leaves, Gardenia, Coconut, Sea Salt, Vanilla Bourbon, Virgina Cedar, Sandalwood, Benzoin
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