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phoenicia EDP 50 ml

Product code: HEEL17

James Heeley‘s new creation is an imaginary olfactive journey through Phoenicia, the ancient land of the Southern Mediterranean coast that once stretched from Lebanon to Southern Spain. The Phoenicians were highly skilled craftsmen and remarkably wealthy traders who brought to Europe a number of exotic fruits such as dates, spices, and precious woods- fragrant treasures that make up the scent of this warm and rich Extrait de Parfum. 

Just as a Phoenician trading caravan might have seemed captivatingly mysterious to those first encountering it, so too does Phoenicia the fragrance arrive shrouded in opulent mystery. A swirling, smoky incense at first dominates our senses, allowing only a peek at the fruits and spices hidden underneath. But gradually, the smoke clears, exposing a heart of succulent dates and intensely sweet dry raisins, buttressed by a rich blend of creamy, spicy sandalwood and deep, resinous agar. A touch of smoky birchwood and Javanese vetiver further adds to the warm, refined wealth of the drydown. Smoky, mysterious, seductive and enticing, Phoenicia is a spellbinding tribute to an ancient culture with an elegant, contemporary edge


Incense, labdanum ciste, dates, dry raisins, agarwood, sandalwood, birchwood, and vetiver.
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