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transform and transcend plant alchemy 100g

Product code: MAU022

A Pitta balancing ayurvedic blend to calm the hearts and minds of individuals who put too much pressure on themselves.

Born leaders, when in balance Pitta energy is sharp, determined and strong; able to achieve the seemingly impossible, but that can lead to undue pressure and manifests as bursts of anger, fertility issues, inflamed skin and heartburn. This ayurvedic powdered blend is formulated with anti-oxidant rich amla, heart-healthy arjuna, strengthening shatavari and a touch of soothing sandalwood and liquorice; our stress-reducing blend opens the heart to love and compassion for self and others. 


Arjuna: Tri-Doshic Herbal Heart Healer
. Rich in Q-10, the enzyme that helps protect cells and organs from free-radical damage, arjuna is a bitter, astringent herb valued in Ayurveda for its ability to support the function of a healthier heart by boosting lymphatic drainage and reducing the effects of nervous tension and stress.

How to use

Sprinkle a tsp on your cereal, salad, morning smoothie or night-time hot drink.
Price PLN210.00