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O De Jo


Product code: odj-odejo

Inspired by the golden hour of a perfect summer day, when night has begun to fall but the heat of the sun lingers, OdeJo is fashion stylist Jo Levin's secret weapon, a painstaking recreation of an enigmatic oil blend discovered decades ago at a forgotten apothecary that was once the scent soundtrack to days long past. Luckily, with the help of friends Jeff Lounds and Tim Blanks, Jo was able to recapture the absolute magic of her signature scent, and thus, OdeJo was reborn. 

The seductive yet subtle results are undeniable: lily and Tahitian rose, warm and lingering, cucumber oil and blue sea kelp, fresh and vivid. In the new Eau de Toilette spray, the fragrance projects with crisp, vibrant energy, leaving a sillage that will have anyone around you drawn uncontrollably into your orbit


  • PLN180.00
  • PLN499.00
  • PLN360.00

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