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Lentisque woda toaletowa 100 ml

Product code: PHA19

The green, resinous, woody scent of the Pistacia lentiscus, a tree that grows all around the Mediterranean, immediately conjures the Spanish or Corsican maquis. The perfumer has captured the aroma rising from its branches on rocky paths under the blazing Mediterranean sun. Here, lentiscus is used in two forms: the powerful green essential oil boosted by galbanum in the top notes, and the absolute, blended with cistus labdanum and dry woods in the heart. Their crackling, resinous facets are drawn into the drydown by two natural allies, vetiver and cedar, enhanced by a skin-loving cocktail of musks tinged with ambergris.


Esencja i absolut mastyksu, galbanum, czystek, drzewo cedrowe, wetyweria, piżmo, ambra.

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