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muślinowe ściereczki do mycia twarzy 2 szt

Product code: REN127

The perfect partner for any cleanser (or mask) REN’s Muslin Cloth Twin Pack contains two 100% unbleached cotton cloths. These multi-purpose, ultra-gentle cloths will help to maximise the skin-rejuvenating benefits of cleanser, leaving your face beautifully clean, clear and luminous. The naturally exfoliating muslin is ideal for brightening dulled or lacklustre complexions – just concentrate on dry, thickened or congested areas – while the smoother, microfibre side is perfect for softly refining more sensitive, blemish-prone patches. Really good quality, these will last for ages and dramatically enhance your skin care regimen – so stock up!


100% unbleached cotton

How to use

With REN CLEAN SKINCARE’s Rosa Centifolia Cleanse & Reveal Hot Cloth Cleanser:

Morning and evening. Apply to dry skin and gently massage over face, neck and closed eyes to remove dirt and makeup. Rinse hot cloth in warm water and place over face to open pores, then lightly polish off the cleanser to reveal purified, refreshed skin. Rinse face with cool water.

Can also be used with other cleansers and to remove masks. As an alternative to single-use makeup wipes, team these with make up remover.

Price PLN35.00