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Green cedar EDP

Product code: ABE-greencedar

Its name reflecting the rich scent profile of its hero ingredient, as well as a nod to the sustainable credentials of wild harvested cedarwood. Green Cedar marries a duo of cedars, the first gathered from forests in Texas, the second collected from the wild high in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. Twice distilled, the Texas cedar has a clean, dry aspect rarely seen in a cedar fragrance. In contrast to this, the Moroccan cedar is sweet, rich and opulent. “It’s crazy when you smell the cedarwood from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, it is so peculiar and aromatic, it really takes you to the oriental North Africa”, shares Abel Nose, Isaac Sinclair. Combined with unexpected notes of natural magnolia, cypriol, cardamom, and smoky guaiac wood, the result is an intoxicating and distinctive fragrance. 

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