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wit EDP 50ml

Product code: DEL11

“I have always loved to walk. Regardless of where I am, I love to be able to walk from place to place. I discovered the gorgeous, beguilingly fresh Daphne on one such stroll many years ago. It was late February and I was stunned and captivated by these small, intensely fragrant flowers.

Daphne is one of the first flowers to bloom in early spring. Its delicious lemony, neroli scent is such a surprise and delight in the chill and gray of winter. Such a bright and spirited presense. I knew at some point I would devote a perfume in celebration of this very lovely bloom that signals Spring, love and happiness.”

The Creators: DelRae Roth / Yann Vasnier


  • Top Notes: Meyer lemon ScentTrek®, Green mandarin, Angelica, Laurel nobile

    Heart Notes: Daphne Cneorum ScentTrek® , Jasmine alcoolat, Narcissus, Mimosa, Ylang ylang

    Base Notes: Amber crystals, Vanilla resinoid Madagascar, Velvet musk
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