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Meo Fusciuni

2# Nota di viaggio eau de parfum 100 ml

Product code: MEO002

Shukran, the magic is the meeting, the light that welcomes you at the end of the long journey from Turkey to Morocco. Ebrezza, I’m sailing lightly, among colours, perfumes, the sea and the sand.

What can I tell about Morocco? What can I bring with me?

The meeting between mint and tobacco has given birth to Shukran that celebrates the lightness of a people, of a magic place. Happiness and wait join together, time is taken into a great consideration, time for a cup of mint tea. Shukran is my gift to a people, a special place in my past, in Morocco I did most of my ethnobotany researches, I wanted to tell the side of my most joyful experience in Morocco, the quiet moments that I spent drinking tea Moroccan mint and writing my travel diary. The mint tea is a convivial moment in Morocco, the men decide to stop and talk about, even if only through their eyes, it's a scent very important for me, the composition maybe seems simple, but it enclose a lot of emotions.




  • Topnote: Moroccan Mint
  • Heartnote: Lemongrass
  • Basenote: Tobacco


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