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Red santal EDP

Product code: ABE-redsantal

Santalum has a long, rich history that spans continents and centuries, lauded by many as the most noble perfume ingredient. In order to truly pay homage, but in the most modern of ways, Red Santal is built on a trio of sandalwood. The soft and warm noble East Indian sandalwood used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine and meditation. Australian sandalwood, known as “uilarac” by the indigenous people, distinctive for its sharper, cooler woody aspect. And finally amyris, or West Indies sandalwood as it’s commonly known, which it is actually a different specie altogether, recognised for its sandalwood-like qualities. Like it’s predecessor, Vintage by Abel, Red Santal is a spicy take on this warm wood, with top notes of clove, black pepper and bergamot. Side note: There have been extensive problems in the sustainable cultivation and distribution of East Indian sandalwood for many years. By sourcing East Indian sandalwood from sustainable plantations we are assisting in the re-establishment of a sustainable eco-system in sandalwood’s native home. A warming scent for (not only) the dreariest of days. The noblest of ingredients, sandalwood, literally radiates on your skin.

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