Tempo Eau de Parfum 75ml

Olfactory group: woody
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The scent of patchouli was a real hit among hippies, who considered it a symbol of rebellion and freedom - the main values of flower children. This scent also embodied a fascination with exoticism and new spirituality, coming from the Far East.

The spirituality of hippies in the 1960s also drew from the literary revolution initiated by the Beat Generation in the 1950s. For Kerouac, "beat" (strike), the word from which the movement's name derives, refers primarily to the rhythm of jazz, which demands maintaining a tempo in line with the rhythm of the heartbeat. For the Beats, nature and the discovery of boundless spaces through shamanistic rituals were also important.

Tempo is a nuanced composition of three types of patchouli, which showcases different aspects of this scent: it is elegant and woody, enveloping and earthy at the same time. Tempo is a unique and refined composition, accentuated by violet leaf, which creates a resonant effect on the skin.

The patchouli used in this composition is grown on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi. At Givaudan, a sustainable plan for its harvesting has been developed, guaranteeing the quality and continuity of supply of this material. A network of hundreds of small producers, who respect traditional production methods, has been established, from whom the harvests are directly purchased.


Patchouli, mat, nutmeg sage

Fragrance Notes

Paczula, yerba mate, fiołek, szałwia muszkatołowa

Patchouli, yerba mate, violet, nutmeg sage

About the brand Diptyque


The history began in 1961, when three friends - Desmond Knox-Leet, Christiane Gautrot and Yves Coueslant - opened a boutique on the Saint Germain boulevard in Paris. Initially, they sold fabrics, beautiful objects and souvenirs brought from exotic travels. Two years later, they presented their first candle with the scent of hawthorn, and in 1968 their first eau de toilette - L'Eau. 

Diptyque masterfully keeps up with ever-changing scent trends, while maintaining its DNA. Olivier Pescheux, one of the most famous contemporary "noses", emphasizes their characteristic feature, which is the unconventional aromatic combinations. One element is always added to the composition, seemingly deviating from the rest, but in reality deepening the experience. In L'Eau, inspired by 16th century potpourri blends, it was ginger. In turn, in the bestselling Do Son, a hypnotic blend of tuberose and jasmine is joined by a vibrant sea accord. 

But diptyque is not just fragrances in the form of perfumes or eau de toilettes. It is also world-renowned candles, aromatic care products, home accessories and trinkets that bring great joy. It is limited editions and holiday collections that we wait for all year round.


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Reviews of Tempo

Tempo doesn't take prisoners and plays with the hippie stereotype using a generous amount of strong patchouli. Perfumer Olivier Pescheux, a long-time collaborator of the brand, playing with the psychedelic and flower power of the baby boomer generation, created an optimistic and hypnotic classic.

Adrian Clark, GQ Magazine