Tuberose in Blue woda perfumowana 100ml

Olfactory group: floral
Product code: EAU47
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In 1978, the founder of the Sebastian brand set sail from Buenos Aires on a charming Italian steamboat from 1940, accompanied by his mother, siblings, a family English greyhound, and numerous travel trunks filled with books from the turn of the century. The final destination of the journey was Spain, but the three-week voyage across the Atlantic included stops at various ports. The first stop was Rio de Janeiro. From there, Sebastian went on a trip to the top of Corcovado, deep in the heart of Tijuca Forest.

The entrance was a narrow road, which the old car slowly and cautiously navigated, amidst a swarm of cobalt blue butterflies, enveloped in the scent of tuberose wafting in through the open windows.

This moment was etched in Sebastian's memory, so he decided to capture it in a new fragrance for the ALTAIA brand: Tuberose in Blue.

Fragrance Notes

mandarin, neroli


tuberose, freesia, heliotrope


cedar tree, sandalwood tree

About the brand Altaia


Altaia is another (after Eau d'Italie - also in our offer) work by Marina Sersale and Sebastian Alvarez Murena. Through scents, they tell an extraordinary story about love - not only romantic, but also about the strong bond between two families. Expect fresh, bright, spacious (mainly floral) compositions and sensual ingredients: plumeria, jasmine, heliotrope, iris, tuberose. They will take you on an olfactory journey between Argentina, England, Spain and Italy.

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