106 woda perfumowana

Olfactory group: floral
Product code: BP-106
PLN 139.00
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Ludovic Bonneton, founder of Bon Parfumeur, is a lover of May roses from the Bagatelle park in Paris. He dreamed of perfumes that would transport us to a garden filled with the sweet scent of roses. Caroline Dumur created a rose fragrance for Bon Parfumeur, using over 99% natural ingredients.
The intoxicating and delicate Damask rose takes center stage in this fragrance. A touch of pink pepper adds a fresh accent, followed by velvety rose petals that blend with notes of musk and vanilla.

What does Damask rose smell like?
In perfumery, two types of roses are used: May rose and Damask rose. Two beautiful names, but do you have any idea how these flowers smell? We used Damask rose in 106. It is less honey-like than Centifolia, more reminiscent of lychee fruit, and has a stronger raspberry and fresher top note.

What does davana smell like?
These green leaves of Artemisia Pallens, come from India. But don't be fooled, the green color of this ingredient has nothing to do with its scent. In the heart note, davana reveals strong fruity, almost cherry-like, velvety aspects. You will also clearly sense the aroma of licorice.

Fragrance Notes

Damask rose, pink pepper, musk mallow


davana (Artemisia Pallens herb oil), Rose Essential TM (substance providing the scent of a rose growing in a garden), papyrus


vanilla, Peruvian balsam, sandalwood

About the brand Bon Parfumeur


The idea is to have fun (as a perfumer). Boldly combine scents, not sticking to just one, simply trying, trying and trying again, thanks to favorable prices (starting from 170 PLN) and a multitude of possibilities (over twenty compositions from ten olfactory groups).

Each line has a different color and number - the shade indicates the group, and the numbers make it easy to find the chosen scent. Another clue is the three main notes listed on each label. For example, 801 (from the floral group) is primarily peony, lotus and bamboo, but when combined with 602 (from the woody group), where pepper, cedar and patchouli dominate, it takes on a more dry, earthy, dark green character. And you can do it endlessly!

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