Amnesia Rose woda perfumowana 100 ml

Olfactory group: floral, woody
Product code: AED027
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Fresh, intense spicy-floral perfumes that penetrate the senses with their richness, revealing themselves on the skin. They are like water, in which patchouli petals and saffron threads float, like a combination of the scent floating over a rose field and the aroma of vintage fabrics. They are like blowing the dust off a good old wine.

Late autumn, dusk. The doors close, and the air is pierced by the scent of a bouquet. It's roses - not dark red or pink, but in a shade of pastel purple. So light that it fades into gray. The edges of the petals are just starting to curl, the flower opens up, and its shape resembles a teacup, from which the scent of spices and rare wood spreads.

The composition was inspired by the interior design of the AEDES PERFUMERY boutique in the Lower East Side district of New York, full of old fabrics, stuffed animals, and impressive bouquets that emerge from round vases. The air is filled with the scent of incense and perfumes from blotters.

The name of the fragrance comes from a variety of roses grown in France. Its scent is delicate, but its appearance is reminiscent of vintage style - hence Amnesia Rose.

Aedes de Venustas Amnesia Rose is available in a ribbed, glass bottle with green-blue accents and a matte black cap, on which the brand's emblem is embossed. It is an elegant and distinctive design. As Bradl says: "It's a rose for everyone."

Fragrance Notes
Moroccan rose (absolute), Bulgarian rose (essence), sarcocaulon mossamedense (bushman's candle), saffron, cypriol, labdanum rockrose, pink pepper (CO2 extract), white sage, patchouli, benzoin, Clearwood, oud

About the brand Aedes de Venustas


Since 1995, an olfactory art gallery founded by perfume connoisseurs Robert Gerstner and Karl Bradl, an independent perfume brand since 2012. The first fragrance, Aedes de Venustas (Latin for "temple of beauty") Signature, was created in contrast to the traditional fragrance pyramid model commonly accepted division into base, heart, and top notes was replaced with their own scheme.

The distinguishing note of all the brand's creations is incense combined with extraordinary, rare, and often the most expensive ingredients in the world. The result is compositions that are noble, well thought out, resistant to trends, multidimensional, dignified, and rich. From the highest shelf.

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