Boy of June woda perfumowana

Olfactory group: woody
Product code: BIB-Boy of June
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I loved dreaming about him. That energy and scent would visit my dreams. For a long time, there was nothing else. Until we met on a summer night in Copenhagen. We gave each other our hearts, which already belonged to each other.

I dedicate these perfumes to my husband, who was born in June. I wanted to create my own version of the scent he wore when we first met.

Fragrance Notes

Italian bergamot, Chinese black pepper, Italian lemon


Egyptian geranium, Somali frankincense, green apple


Patchouli from Indonesia, white leather, amber

About the brand Bibbi Parfum



During meditation, Bibbi can transfer her consciousness to another dimension. In this dimension, she meets extraordinary characters with fascinating stories. She forms the most intense and deep relationships with other beings and is always surrounded by the deep blue of Klein.

The Bibbi perfume collection is based on stories and encounters in her meditative state of mind. The unisex scents are her way of sharing her experiences and inviting others to be a part of her subconscious.

By the way, Bibbi is Stina, and Stina is Bibbi.


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Discover the brand Bibbi Parfum.

Bibbi Parfum Founder

Stina Seger, also known as Bibbi, was born in Sweden but has been living in Paris for several years. She designs fragrances with absolute passion. At the age of 20, she began to delve into ancient philosophy of meditation. To learn more, she lived on a remote island for three years, where she developed her meditation practice and delved into her mind. After this life-changing experience, she became interested in how the spiritual world and meditation are connected to the human body and decided to study anatomy and physiology at university. During her studies, she learned how the sense of smell affects the human mind and body. Exploring this uncharted territory led her to seek answers to questions about the subconscious mind.