Café Tabac woda perfumowana 100 ml

Olfactory group: spicy
Product code: AED028
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Hedonistic scent that celebrates undocumented moments.

A crazy party that lasts for days. Endless dinners and all-night merengue dancing under a sky as black as coal. Smoke meets the scent of flowers, and the aromas of spicy spices can be felt with every breath. This is CAFÉ TABAC.

The scent of CAFÉ TABAC stimulates a wild sensuality, reminiscent of the olfactory equivalent of orange peel on the edge of a rich espresso - adding freshness and flavor. Using it ensures the maintenance of a state of excited emotions, which are more remembered than documented.

Fragrance Notes

tobacco (absolute), Peruvian balsam, cardamom, clove, bergamot, tamarind, resin, dried date, dried fig, cocoa accord, burnt sugar, mango, beeswax (absolute), apple, davana, nutmeg sage, vanilla, oakmoss, labdanum cistus (absolute), tonka bean, cedarwood, ambergris, cade

About the brand Aedes de Venustas


Since 1995, an olfactory art gallery founded by perfume connoisseurs Robert Gerstner and Karl Bradl, an independent perfume brand since 2012. The first fragrance, Aedes de Venustas (Latin for "temple of beauty") Signature, was created in contrast to the traditional fragrance pyramid model commonly accepted division into base, heart, and top notes was replaced with their own scheme.

The distinguishing note of all the brand's creations is incense combined with extraordinary, rare, and often the most expensive ingredients in the world. The result is compositions that are noble, well thought out, resistant to trends, multidimensional, dignified, and rich. From the highest shelf.

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More about Café Tabac

This is the real atmosphere of the place where it's worth being and creating your own legend.

Bertrand Duchaufour, creator of the Café Tabac fragrance

Before the latest Aedes de Venustas fragrance was bottled, it already had a name inspired by the iconic bar of the 90s in the East Village: CAFÉ TABAC. At Cafe Tabac, Kate met Johnny, Madonna answered the phone, and Leo was picking up supermodels. It was a place where stars could truly breathe away from fame - it was the era before mobile phones, which now seems so distant that you can miss it.