Cythera Aromathique perfumy do wnętrz 100ml

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Cythera Aromathique is a home fragrance dedicated to the Hellenic island, commemorating its history and the spirit of Hercules through a bold combination of neroli, geranium, and patchouli. The surprising blend of musky cistus with myrrh creates a warm, woody, and inspiring aroma. In addition, Aesop offers three original soundtracks, specially composed for the three home fragrances by American composer Jesse Paris Smith. They can be downloaded from as a complement to your purchase.
Fragrance Notes
geranium, incense, patchouli

About the brand Aēsop


Simple botanical recipes, scents that occur in nature, timeless, unchanging aesthetics. Thanks to its extraordinary sense, consistency and lack of intrusive advertising, the brand has established a strong position in the market. And it has maintained it since 1987.

Aēsop is based on plant extracts in many forms, and the formulas contain the best plant collections from a given season - which is why they are slightly different every year. However, the brand does not limit itself to natural ingredients, sometimes reaching for synthetic substances - always tested for safety. There is no division here into time of day (although there are exceptions) or gender. What else distinguishes it? It invests in innovation, but also... relationships with the world of art - limited edition packaging is created in collaboration with outstanding artists.

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