Last Season woda perfumowana

Olfactory group: woody
Product code: MEO-Last Season
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"What is Nature, if not the calmness of your heart"  

In a distant place, walking through quiet forests, among natural shades, I closed my eyes and thought:  

"How does the voice of Nature smell?". 

Imagine that the world suddenly reveals itself to you, unveiling its forests, the water of the Baltic Sea, the light filtered through the leaves of century-old trees. Imagine that for the first time and forever you hear the voice of the earth. 


"I saw the distant world 
in the stillness of forests and waters.  
Silence interrupted  
by the voice of a white swan,  
the flight of a grey heron.  
There is a world where we do not see ourselves,  
only the beauty that surrounds us.  
We are nothing, but we listen to the essence of the world.  
This end, this border,  
I found it here". 

Fragrance Notes

teasel, chamomile, wormwood, bay leaf, pine Canadian, galbanum, fucus algae, yerba mate, hay, rock rose labdanum, costus, vetiver, sandalwood, patchouli, oak moss, tobacco, cedarwood, guaiac, musk, birch, myrrh, frankincense, leather, oud, castoreum  

About the brand Meo Fusciuni



Meo, also known as Giuseppe Imprezzabile, is a chemist specializing in herbal medicine. He also studied anthropology and ethnobotany, diligently delving into the knowledge of natural medicine and aromatherapy. Perhaps that's why he shies away from typical nomenclature - instead of being called a nose or a perfumer, he prefers to be called, as in ancient times, an "Aromatario" (a person who knows everything about the origin, properties, and processing of herbs and spices). We would add a wizard without hesitation, because that's exactly what he does with and through scents - he enchants.

Meo Fusciuni offers not only (exceptional) products, but also - if not primarily - a certain (beautiful) vision of the world. A world filtered through the sensitivity of an independent creator, a poetic and mystical world. Encouraging us to search and showing us how much we can gain if we just allow a little magic into our lives. We don't have to look far - according to Meo, it is present in everyday gestures, rituals, feelings, favorite songs, chance encounters, memories of travels, or planning for the future.

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Discover Last Season

Last Season Brand Creator

Last Season was born from a journey I took to Sweden. In those days of peace, beauty, and friendship, I rediscovered the pure feeling that is our destiny: to always go deeper, experience, understand, and enjoy it, to venture into life. The depth of experiences is told by this fragrance, which gives voice to nature.