molecule 01

Olfactory group: woody
Product code: EM - molecule 01
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Molecule 01 is a fragrance composed solely of Iso E Super and alcohol. Despite its apparent simplicity, it is one of the most surprising scents that have come from human hands. Does it smell, or does it not smell - that is the question? Molecule 01 has the ability to transform its aroma into many different chords depending on ourselves and our surroundings, as many different factors can influence the expression of Iso E Super. In fact, sometimes Molecule 01 can have no scent at all for our nose, even though our surroundings will clearly feel the unique aura that this mixture creates. Notes: Iso E Super. Year of creation: 2005.
Fragrance Notes
Iso E Super

About the brand Escentric Molecules



Escentric Molecules owes its existence to a scent that does not exist in nature, and which in the 1970s was used to enhance and fix compositions. It smells rather warm and woody, and sometimes not at all, because its scent changes depending on the environment, temperature, and substrate. The founder of the brand, Geza Schoen, recalls when he first smelled the isolated Iso E Super: "I understood that the common denominator of all the scents I liked was that they contained a large dose of Iso E Super. You can never have enough of it. It's like a drug or an aphrodisiac."

He first started experimenting, increasing the doses until he finally created a scent containing only the pure molecule. This is how the legendary Molecule 01 was born, which smells completely different on everyone - supposedly like the pheromones of the person wearing it.

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Customer Reviews of Molecule 01

I am used to telling stories about perfumes with a detailed description of all notes, but Molecule 01 is actually just Iso E Super, almost imperceptible dry wood, a static scent - something you can't see or define, but you know it's there. It doesn't warm up or change when you wear it, but it will remind you of its presence when you stop thinking about it.

Tynan Sinks, Byrdie

Ask a few people how the iconic perfume Escentric Molecule smells - they won't say anything. Ask others, and they'll say it smells amazing. And with such enthusiasm that you might think you missed out on something.

George Driver,

Probably no off-the-shelf product will be more unique. I like that Molecule 01 emphasizes what is natural, instead of adding something. It works differently than most perfumes. The scent is supposed to "disappear" after spraying, and then "return" after about 15 minutes, blending with your pheromones. It's quite difficult to smell it on yourself, but you will definitely notice the reactions of other people around you.

Sarah Deluxe