Napoleon świeca - kolor czarny

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With the beginning of the Consulate, Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821) realized how important it was for the French to become familiar with his likeness. In this way, he began to build his legend. He used all means: from statues to snuff boxes and fans. The multitude of objects with the imperial coat of arms or imperial symbols was a groundbreaking propaganda tool that allowed this legend to emerge. During the Restoration period, the Bonapartists were forced to hide, preparing for revenge, but in secret they spread new propaganda items. Napoleon's death in 1821 made the royalists no longer fear the emperor - illustrations depicting his achievements could once again be safely distributed. The Second Empire (1852) made the Napoleonic legend the official state ideology. Monuments were commissioned, displayed in city squares, and paintings were exhibited in museums. Although the Second Empire restored Napoleonic propaganda, it was abandoned for the next 20 years after its downfall in 1870. Admiration for Napoleon returned with the wave of nationalism in the 1890s and has not lost its strength since then.

About the brand Trudon



A French family company from Normandy, producing candles since 1643. They supplied them to the French royal court and the most important churches in France. Marie Antoinette was a loyal customer of the company, and Napoleon gave his son a candle adorned with gold medallions with his likeness on the day of his birth...

In 2006, the forgotten company was taken over by Ramdane Touhami, a brilliant artist, entrepreneur, and creative director, and turned it into an undoubtedly cult brand. Their offer includes classic perfumes, home fragrances, accessories, and the most popular candles - made from natural waxes, placed in handcrafted glass vessels with a characteristic gold or silver emblem, with complex, elaborate, and long-lasting scents. Scents that linger long after they have been extinguished.

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The process of creating candles from The Busts series