Patchouli Magnetik ekstrakt perfum

Olfactory group: woody amber
Product code: CRI-Patchouli Magnetik
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Escape to the tropics. Tangled gardenias. Wild plumeria. White peach, dark clouds, milky sandalwood tree. Thunder. Drops of benzoin resin, electrifying patchouli. A night full of lightning.

"Six in the morning: patchouli farm, rooster crowing. An older man next to me is smoking dried herbs under a storm of colorful plumeria flowers. The sun is shining. We can hear the roar of an engine - it's a motorcycle. We ride through the mud, crossing a wooden bridge that sways dangerously over the water. Sharp turns take our breath away. We see the patchouli plantations before our eyes. Dark green leaves drying in the open air. Suddenly, the wind picks up. In the distance, the sky darkens. Electric discharges. Leaves swirling. The storm, which seemed so far away, reaches us in an instant. Thunderous booms. One drop, two drops... A violent downpour. Night falls and the overwhelming humidity persists. The rain doesn't let up for a moment; lightning cuts through the sky until the early morning hours. Patchouli Magnetik." - Thibaud Crivelli, founder of Maison Crivelli

White peach, gardenia, Givaudan captives (fragrance substances produced exclusively by Givaudan), patchouli, sandalwood, benzoin resin, vanilla concentrate (vegan perfume extract)
Fragrance Notes
Gardenia, white peach, patchouli, benzoin - absolute, sandalwood, vanilla - absolute, leather

About the brand Maison Crivelli


Maison Crivelli is a French Haute Parfumerie house founded by Thibaud Crivelli in 2018. According to the idea that beauty lies in surprise, in each creation the brand's creator shares a memory of an unexpected discovery of a perfume ingredient: tasting absinthe in the light of the Northern Lights, burning sandalwood on the slopes of a volcano, walking by the sea among breezy fields of roses... Scents, colors, sounds, taste and textures - all of this leads to relaxation and stimulation of all senses, resulting in a personal discovery of the perfume. And these perfumes surprise with contrasts and modernity.

The perfumes are made in France with the integrity of production in mind. The cylindrical bottles, topped with an unpolished zinc cap with the Maison Crivelli monogram, are placed in handmade boxes without plastic.

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