Study #23/newsletter woda perfumowana 100ml

Olfactory group: woody
Product code: MB20
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Scent like a newsletter from a distant country (maybe from India?). "I remember that evening and the smell of the night, which consisted of various aromas: flower petals, incense breeze... Faces and bodies smell of oranges, rice paste and saffron. Two young foreigners sit in the pose of the holy lotus flower. They have extremely white skin and long hair. In the scents of incense, necklaces of yellow flowers, garlands of patchouli leaves and charred Tibetan cedar wood, the sound of waves and modern pulsation of techno music from the nearby beach creeps in."

Fragrance Notes



patchouli, a chord of yellow flowers


burnt cedar wood, sandalwood

About the brand Miller et Bertaux



Francis Miller and Patrick Bertaux are a duo of French fashion designers. In 1985, they opened a boutique in the famous Parisian district of Le Marais. It had little to do with traditional luxury - it was simply clothes on hangers in an austere interior. The creators sold their designs, accessories, but also various items brought back from numerous trips. This is how the idea for the Miller et Bertaux fragrance collection was born, inspired by travels. They brought back the first olfactory idea from Mexico - the scent of church walls and incense.

Miller et Bertaux fragrances are available in extremely limited distribution in just a dozen places around the world.

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