Tableau Parisien woda perfumowana

Olfactory group: floral
Product code: ORM-Tableau Parisien
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Just like Baudelaire's "Parisian Images" (Tableaux Parisiens) and Hemingway's "A Moveable Feast" (fr. Paris est une fête), the scent of Tableau Parisien captures the elegance of Paris. These are perfumes that could appear in a film by Jean-Luc Godard. It is a specific vision of Paris.

The goal of ORMAIE was to create a magnificent feminine fragrance. The elegant white flower, tuberose, is combined here with rose and fresh herbs. The composition is enhanced by tobacco and benzoin, which leave a distinct trail (sillage) behind the person wearing them.

The perfume cap is shaped like a diamond, inspired by the architectural style of the art deco era. It is made of ash wood. The name ORMAIE means "a place where ash trees grow". Ash is a rare and noble tree, which are important qualities for the brand.

Fragrance Notes

petitgrain, fresh ginger, basil, mandarin


tuberose, rose, spicy herbs, heliotrope


tobacco, tonka bean, benzoin, vanilla

About the brand Ormaie



Ormaie is a family-owned perfumery that draws inspiration from art and nature. Mother and son (Marie-Lisa Jonak and Baptiste Bouygues) have set themselves the goal of creating high-quality products for customers who appreciate timeless elegance, as well as respect for the resources of our planet. All fragrances are free of synthetic ingredients, and the raw materials used are 100% natural.

The brand also pays tribute to craftsmanship and tradition by commissioning the creation of individual components to masters in their field. The cylindrical bottles made of faceted glass (from recycling) are produced in a one-person workshop in Normandy. Similarly, the colorful, hand-polished corks (made from responsibly managed wood) are reminiscent of sculpture typical of the 1950s. The boxes are printed on original Heidelberg machines from the 1960s. As you can see, every smallest detail is of great importance - nothing is accidental here.

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