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chypre 21 EDP 100ml

Product code: HEEL18

"Parisian chic, " reads the tagline for James Heeley's newest release, Chypre 21, and now that we've had a chance to smell this bright, lush, gorgeously clean re-imagining of perfumery's most treasured family, we couldn't agree more. After all, what's more Parisian than vibrant revelry amongst the treasured past, the type of youthful inventiveness that keeps one foot planted in tradition while the other strides boldly forward? This is Chypre 21, a fresh, delightful and classic composition that takes the beloved bergamot-oakmoss-patchouli basis of a chypre and whisks it into the 21st century with a bright, citron-led burst of energy up front, a luscious, unisexy rose and geranium heart, and a hefty dose of velvety sandalwood in the rich, smooth drydown. The end result is all we could have hoped for- every bit an identifiable chypre, but also every bit a stunning, modern, impossibly fresh fragrance light enough to wear every day, but distinct enough to take our breath away. Effortless, casual chic has made Parisians the envy of the fashionable world for centuries. Now, you can carry that with you, wherever you may go



Lemon, bergamot, petitgrain, rose, geranium, saffron, patchouli, oakmoss, sandalwood
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