Molecule 01 + Patchouli Eau de Toilette

Olfactory group: woody
Product code: EM-Molecule 01 + Patchouli
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Iso E Super + patchouli

Iso E Super is a synthetic molecule with the scent of cedar wood. It gives a feeling of warm, soft envelopment.

Patchouli is a natural ingredient - extracted from the leaves of a plant known as patchouli.

"Patchouli is something unique. Unlike 99% of perfume ingredients, it evokes associations with a specific period in history - the sixties and seventies, with the spirit of bohemia. Its woody character has something cool and restrained about it. I love patchouli for its moody beauty.

In creating this composition, I used two types of patchouli. Patchouli Coeur - the fraction of patchouli oil without the camphor note - gives a very clean, soft effect. I also added patchouli oil from Indonesia to complement the top note" - Geza Schön

Fragrance Notes
Iso E Super, paczula

About the brand Escentric Molecules



Escentric Molecules owes its existence to a scent that does not exist in nature, and which in the 1970s was used to enhance and fix compositions. It smells rather warm and woody, and sometimes not at all, because its scent changes depending on the environment, temperature, and substrate. The founder of the brand, Geza Schoen, recalls when he first smelled the isolated Iso E Super: "I understood that the common denominator of all the scents I liked was that they contained a large dose of Iso E Super. You can never have enough of it. It's like a drug or an aphrodisiac."

He first started experimenting, increasing the doses until he finally created a scent containing only the pure molecule. This is how the legendary Molecule 01 was born, which smells completely different on everyone - supposedly like the pheromones of the person wearing it.

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Reviews of Molecule 01 + Patchouli

Molecule + Patchouli is patchouli in a pure, powdery, luminous form. It almost shimmers with gold. Often, perfumes built around the scent of patchouli are sharp, difficult, and give me a headache (at least for me), but not these. These are super soft and super delicate.

Thomas Dunckley, The Candy Perfume Boy