Music For a While woda perfumowana

Olfactory group: woody amber, herbal aromatic
Product code: FM-musicforawhile
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Carlos Benaïm and Frédéric Malle have been a mutual inspiration in their artistic work for many years. Music for a While is the result of their collaboration: an oriental fragrance built around notes of lavender, combined with patchouli, amber, and vanilla. The composition has been modified multiple times. As a result, warm perfumes with a sharp, precise aesthetic were created: Parisian refinement infused with irresistible sex appeal. Frédéric Malle is certain that fans of Helmut Newton's photography are familiar with this impression.

The internally conflicting nature of these perfumes required a suggestive name that allows for versatile interpretation. The song Music for a While tells the story of the character of music, which evolves over time, transporting us to distant dimensions where life is both more beautiful and more intense. This is how Malle perceives seduction: a series of powerful stimuli that give fleeting moments in life an incomparable power. Love and music go hand in hand.

A fragrance for seekers of subtlety, who are also enamored with strongly seductive, distinctive compositions. The delicate warmth of these perfumes lingers and is like a modern edition of elegance from the past.


Top notes: lemon, orange, mandarin
Heart notes: lavender, touch of rose and jasmine, cinnamon, pineapple
Base notes: patchouli, labdanum, vanilla

Fragrance Notes

mandarin, lemon, orange


rose (oil), lavender, cinnamon


patchouli, cistus labdanum, vanilla

About the brand Editions de Parfums Frédéric Malle



How can one create exceptional perfumes in today's world dominated by intrusive advertising? Frederic Malle believes that the key to success is allowing creators the same freedom and independence that existed in the profession several decades ago. This lack of limitations has resulted in many old scents still being considered icons of perfumery. That's why Malle gives perfumers a free hand and strives to remove any obstacles that may hinder the process of uninhibited creation. He tells them to create their dream scent without being limited by budget, tastes, or marketing briefs. The result? Mistaking this brand's creations for commercial perfumes is simply impossible. 

Each composition comes in the same packaging - a cylindrical bottle with a black cap, which has become the signature of the French brand.

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The History of Editions de Parfums Frédéric Malle

Reviews of Music for a While

Pineapple in the top note is juicy and tart, a bit like grapefruit. It's shocking, but in a positive way, that Malle's scent has such an opening. Perhaps the most surprising aspect of the perfume is the impression that we are smelling sugar syrup, which blends with this unconventionally luxurious fruity note. Sugar! Who would have thought!

Thomas Dunckley, The Candy Perfume Boy